Pallet Central Enterprises

Solutions That Save Money and the Environment

A manufacturer wants to reduce shipping costs. The solution: wooden pallets constructed of both new and recycled lumber. The savings: $600,000, thanks to Atlanta-based Pallet Central Enterprises (PCE).

A meat processor with multiple sites across the U.S. needs customized pallets that meet high standards for cleanliness and design. Pallet Central Enterprises has the solution.

A distributor is paying money to have tons of corrugated cardboard boxes, POS materials, packing material and broken
pallets hauled out of its facility. Pallet Central Enterprises devises a waste stream recycling program that actually generates a revenue stream for the customer, saving over $250,000 at just one location. Pallet Central Enterprises is one of the largest pallet brokers in the U.S., serving customers in virtually every industry throughout North America. As a member of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, PCE enjoys access to a network of over 3,500 pallet manufacturers and recyclers. Indeed, this innovative woman-owned company offers a wide array of shipping, storage, disposal and environmental solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

“Practically everything we eat, drink or use has to be shipped on a pallet,” says Su So-Longman, cofounder and president. “The wrong kind of pallet that is not compatible with a customer’s storage system and handling can cause an entire delivery to be rejected. We understand the importance of quality and consistency. Our customers appreciate our high standards.”

Green Fiber: Trash to Treasure

More than just a pallet provider, PCE’s new Green Fiber Division is helping customers save money by recycling used materials such as cardboard, broken pallets, plastic and paper.

“Over $200 billion worth of recyclables are going into landfills every year,” So-Longman says. “Unfortunately, pallets are often part of that waste stream. If companies would think about what they are throwing away and simply bale those materials properly, they could save a lot of money.” Often, PCE actually pays customers for recyclable materials and hauls them away. Currently, the company is exploring ways to grind plastic and recycle it into cost-effective plastic pallets.

What began in 2005 as a “mom and pop” operation out of So-Longman’s home has skyrocketed into one of the most successful companies of its kind. Thanks to superior customer service, innovative recycling strategies and an unparalleled focus on quality, PCE boasts a 25 percent annual growth rate and is adding jobs at a time when many other companies are downsizing.

“Our success is based on teamwork,” So-Longman says.


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