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Don’t expose clients to any more risk than necessary to achieve their goals.
That’s the guiding philosophy at Palmetto Investment Consultants, LLC, a full-service financial firm in Rock Hill, S.C. “We start every client relationship with the end in mind,” says John S. Sloop Jr., CFP®, MBA, President. “Every new relationship begins with an in-depth retirement and financial planning process to identify what the client wishes to accomplish – and any potential potholes along the way.”

From gaps in pension benefits for a surviving spouse to long-term care or outlasting one’s money, there are many things that can potentially derail a comfortable retirement, says John A. Black III, Chartered Financial Consultant™, Vice President. “These are often things the client doesn’t think about. But we do.”

It is only after this initial planning process has been completed and a solid foundation has been laid that the advisors start looking at possible investment solutions. Clients benefit from the firm’s robust trading platform that allows it to manage assets in a highly tactical manner.

INSTITUTIONAL-LEVEL INVESTING FOR ‘MAIN STREET’ CLIENTS “We offer an institutional-level experience to our ‘Main Street’ clients, using a discretionary portfolio management system that incorporates both fundamental and technical-based research,” Sloop explains. “The fundamentals tell us what to own, and the technicals provide us conviction towards positioning clients more offensively or defensively at any given time. Clients benefit from our ability to change our models, and by extension, their account allocations, at a moment’s notice when our research indicates it is the prudent course.”

There is no charge for moving a client’s assets from one investment to another and hence no conflict of interest, he notes. Rather than transaction commissions, clients pay a quarterly advisory fee based on the size of their accounts. As clients entrust the firm with more of their retirement capital, their fees go down. In Sloop and Black’s experience, too often people define success based solely on achieving the highest possible returns, when what they should be focused on is achieving the necessary returns to attain their goals, taking only an advisable degree of risk, as determined during the initial planning process.

“In our opinion, clients would be better served by not comparing their returns to their neighbors’ or their co-workers’. Rather, they should concentrate on defining success as it applies to them; their end result is what matters,” Black says.

“Not having a financial plan is like going on a vacation without identifying the destination,” Sloop adds. “You’ll end up somewhere … you just might not like the clothes you packed when you arrive.”


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