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For Leading Executives,
‘Human Resources’ Means Exactly That Partners In Human Resources International

Many company leaders say their people are their most valuable resource. This is true.

Partners in Human Resources International transforms the way companies understand and assess their talent and helps them craft enterprise-wide talent strategies that directly impact profitability. This global human resources consulting firm guides clients to effective, measurable talent solutions that increase shareholder and stakeholder value. Partners International helps organizations evaluate and meet their talent needs throughout the entire talent lifecycle, from job design and onboarding through internal talent mobility, executive coaching and development, encore career design, and career transition services.

This groundbreaking business model — identifying, highlighting, and meshing the abilities of current and incoming leaders into a cohesive unit — was the brainchild of Amy Friedman, CEO, who founded the firm almost 20 years ago. She has an unerring eye for the problem behind the problem, which makes her an invaluable ally in resolving challenges with her clients across industries.  So successful was, and is, her pioneering approach that her original clients are still clients today. And now, with the addition of hundreds more clients, the firm has nearly 100 coaches/consultants strengthening executive skill sets and their teams in every time zone on Earth.

Partners International is a human capital consultancy providing deliverables through its four divisions: Career Transition and Mobility, Global Contextual Coaching, Learning and Development, and Organizational Effectiveness. As this industry’s subject matter expert, the firm’s services include preparing new hires, acclimating people to the organization, and aligning talent to needs as organizations go through disruptions, mergers, and domestic or foreign growth. “We make sure all the senior leaders are on the same page as the CEO,” Friedman says.

Friedman describes a common scenario: a New York company opening an overseas location and moving a senior executive there to run the new office. “Imagine how many cultural elements there are for that leader to learn,” she says.

Most executive coaching and consulting for American companies, in North America and around the world, are managed from the U.S. headquarters. Major human resources changes in the New York office change the dynamics of the company throughout its global system — just as senior human resources changes in the Hong Kong offices or anywhere else impact the global system.  Partners International coaches and consults to business leaders in the context of their own organizations and industries, aligning what leaders do best with what their organizations need most.

“It often calls for our firm to prepare a successor,” says Dr. John Hoover, SVP of Global Contextual Coaching Services.

Partners International delivers solid subject matter expertise and excellent guidance in all cases. “Partners International’s contextual methodology and approach to all of our talent solutions strive for strategic alignment in leveraging cultural intelligence, coaching leaders to champion change, and building high performing teams and individual contributors – all toward the common goal of a thriving business,” says Trish Kyle, Managing Director.
But it’s not just about coaching, developing, and transitioning talent. “One of our key differentiators is we link every initiative across our four centers of excellence to real business objectives.”

Friedman says her team’s greatest strengths are its diagnostic skills and use of measurement and assessment tools to determine needs, make recommendations, and drive execution. “You always have to make the business case that a talent solution is a business solution and then follow the solution through to completion; and we do,” she says. “Major consulting firms leave bound books filled with study data behind along with a list of recommendations.” Friedman continues, “We work directly with the executives themselves and help them cascade their new learning and competencies throughout the organization and, most important, to implement the changes and cause real bottom-line impact.”

Business strategy ultimately depends on the human factor and the human ability to execute. “We are first and foremost thought partners,” Hoover says. “We have deep, long-term relationships with organizations and their executives. We help them plan for their talent needs over time and then bring the plan to life.”

Friedman’s ability to create a highly successful teamwork structure — for her clients and within her own company — distinguishes her from other founders/CEOs in her field. Friedman runs her company with integrity, including a socially conscious leadership approach to all business decisions and a belief in the positive strength of diversity and emotional intelligence.

Under the experienced and groundbreaking guidance of Amy Friedman, Partners in Human Resources International balances the needs of the business with those of the talented people who make the business succeed. “We partner with leaders to ignite a sense of urgency when it comes to building the people who build their businesses.”


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