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Rogers & Company’s Unique Adaptive Portfolio Management for High-Net-Worth Clients

Technology, globalization and “flash” market moves, combined, have changed the core structure of investing. So how does one confidently make financial choices in a chaotic and rapidly changing environment?
For many high-net-worth individuals and families around the world, the answer is found in the adaptive portfolio management approach pioneered by Rogers & Company

Wealth Management. A 30-year-old independent wealth advisory firm in St. Louis, MO, Rogers & Company has a heritage as a wealth management innovator. In fact, the firm’s president, Carol L. Rogers, MBA, CPWA, helped develop E.F. Hutton’s then revolutionary financial planning approach. With multigenerational client relationships, the firm carries on this tradition today in award-winning fashion.

“Investing has fundamentally changed,” observes Rogers. “Traditional approaches alone are no longer effective. Without additional strategies that adapt to evolving markets, risk and volatility may be higher while potential returns may potentially be decreased. Investors need to understand this.”

Rogers and her team always start by distilling complex facts and figures into straightforward, cohesive advice, using high-tech tools to simplify decision making. Clients benefit from a team approach that combines collective knowledge and seasoned experience with access to outside experts in key areas of financial planning and advanced wealth management.

Omar R. Qureshi, CIMA, CPWA, a partner in the firm, helps to design and manage custom client portfolios. Qureshi says the firm’s commitment to customization improves its ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions in order to reduce risk or improve potential results. “Often, we’ve been able to turn volatility into opportunity, rather than viewing it as something to be avoided,” he says.
Idealistic Dreams Tested With Realistic Scenarios Every new client receives a comprehensive financial plan, including strategies and action steps that seek to bring the client’s goals and dreams to life.

“Instead of just assuming what a client’s assets might do over time based on historical averages, we stress-test every plan against thousands of possible variations of the future, including severe market crashes, with the goal of creating a plan that can realistically survive almost any contingency,” Qureshi says.

“At Rogers & Company, you provide the dreams,” Rogers says. “We’ll provide the confidence to pursue them.”

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