Rosenberg & Estis

Rosenberg & Estis Is New York’s Real Estate Law Firm

New York is full of real estate and it is full of lawyers. But none is like Rosenberg & Estis, P.C., the go-to boutique real estate law firm in New York City, which guides its clients through every detail of every deal and finds the law to support its clients’ positions – citations most firms could not provide because they would not even know where to look. And those issues are so critically important to clients that large law firms with their own real estate departments regularly call Rosenberg & Estis for its expertise.

Every Real Estate Contingency
The firm represents buyers, sellers, owners, investors, developers, lenders, corporations, co-ops and condominiums, and individuals who own buildings, a building or an apartment in a building – anyone involved in any aspect of real estate. Luise A. Barrack, the managing partner of the 55-attorney firm, puts it this way: “We are an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about real estate.”

These attorneys perform with excellence. They are accomplished at assisting their clients in analyzing a property’s value, including mixed-use buildings where regulatory restrictions have a significant impact on a deal; reviewing leases; assisting a purchaser in looking at the long-term return on an investment; and enumerating and evaluating everything that can be done to reposition a property. “We have a department that is dedicated to handling development deals and loans, leasing, financing, joint ventures, and structuring every kind of transaction,” says Barrack. “We also have a department of skilled litigation attorneys who use their expertise to win the tough cases, and to reach favorable negotiated resolutions. And we have an administrative group of seasoned attorneys who counsel our clients on regulatory issues.”

Full Service
Rosenberg & Estis’ attorneys are expert at identifying the critical issues and calculating the risk of potential liabilities in transactions in litigation and before every court in the state. “We look at a property from every single angle to protect the buyer, the seller, the investor, the lender, the developer – whoever is acquiring or conveying the property,” says Ms. Barrack.

The firm was founded in 1979. It still represents many of the clients that it represented when it opened its doors but adds new clients on a daily basis. The firm has had a hand in the landscape of New York, such as the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park and the new 1 World Trade Center joint venture between the Durst Organization and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The firm offers all legal real estate services under one roof, and no one else, Ms. Barrack says, provides this level of service at this economic point. “We take our clients from before the acquisition, through the acquisition, and then, after the property is acquired, we provide counsel to ensure they are in compliance with all of New York’s laws and assist in maximizing the value of the investment,” she says. “We are our clients’ champions. We are there for them during every step of the process.”


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