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Expanding Your Investment Horizons
Schroeder Capital Management, LLC, Takes a Global Perspective

There’s a world of great opportunities out there, as long as you know where to look. No one understands this quite like Fred Schroeder, President and Chief Investment Officer of Schroeder Capital Management, LLC. Over more than 30 years in the investment business, Schroeder has traveled and conducted research all over the globe, either in person or through his detailed research, investigating industries and companies for unique investment value. Schroeder Capital has offices in Lafayette, California, and Bend, Oregon.

Schroeder was mentored by the late Sir John Templeton, known as the “Father of International Investing.” Schroeder’s clients benefit from the knowledge and experience he gained while personally managing all of the $2 billion client assets of Templeton Portfolio Advisory.

“Schroeder Capital designs separate account investment strategies tailored to the specific needs and risk tolerance of our clients,” says Schroeder. “Individual portfolios are well-diversified and built brick by brick. We use growth and value-oriented U.S. stocks, foreign ADRs (American Depository Receipts) and income securities in the building process. We also create a unique personalized separate account, called a Balanced Global, combining all of these elements into one portfolio.”

As an independently-owned, fee-based investment advisor, Schroeder Capital draws from a broad range of investment resources and a comprehensive global information platform channeled into investment strategy, portfolio construction and account management. Schroeder builds long-term relationships with his clients, ranging in age from their 20s to their 80s, through ongoing communication, trust and good rapport.

Independently Verified Investment Performance
Since its inception 10 years ago, Schroeder Capital has engaged an independent performance measurement specialist to verify its clients’ investment returns. Over this period, composite portfolio performance has achieved superior results compared with appropriate market benchmarks.

“The hallmark of Schroeder Capital has always been to seek capital preservation and growth in the customization of our client portfolios. Over the long term, broad-based, global diversification is the key to risk avoidance and has been a winning strategy,” says Schroeder. “Every day presents unique challenges, unexpected developments in the global marketplace or specific client needs. I truly enjoy working with my clients and the excitement and satisfaction of growing assets for them.”


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