SideMark Corporate Furniture

Excellence in Workspace Design Positively
Affects Lives Says SideMark’s Sandi Jacobs

Sandi Jacobs joined furniture dealer SideMark in 1989, the same year the Dilbert comic strip debuted. Dilbert graphically depicted the bleak, cubicle-defined work spaces of modern offices typical of the time. With a vision of “truly cohesive design,” SideMark founder and CEO Randy Horton recruited the talented Jacobs to establish a new business model for the corporate furniture company that would integrate excellent design with outstanding dealer services.

“We’ve redefined the industry since the ‘80s when decision-making was based primarily on the tastes and budget of management,” explains Jacobs. “Today’s savvy employers understand the need for spaces that engage people in the workplace. Well thought-out designs encourage movement throughout the day, stimulate the senses, facilitate collaborative efforts and create environments for individual work efforts. The result is increased productivity, higher retention rates, and a mentally and physically healthier workforce.”

Jacobs, who became SideMark president in 2007, helped steer the company’s growth from five employees in one location to more than 100 employees in five prosperous metropolitan areas. Succeeding in a fiercely competitive marketplace, SideMark has a marquee list of clients, from international companies headquartered in California, like Flextronics and VMware, to startups like Citadel Environmental and Zynga.

Jacobs credits the company’s growth on its reputation for providing leadership around decision making, design teams and processes. “That’s an important distinction because we’re driven to provide unique tailored projects,” she says. “As a partner, we proactively tackle whatever problems our clients face. For example, it’s not unusual for us to re-use serviceable pieces, set up solutions for inventory management or offer advice on how to accommodate the work styles globally.”

At the heart of every SideMark experience is the company’s unique mix of right-brained artisans and left-brained project managers who work seamlessly together to produce the alchemy that defines today’s workplaces.

“It was like SideMark could read our minds,” says Jason Velo of the University of the Pacific. “They were able to meet our needs even when we were unable to articulate what we wanted.” “Our clients do business with SideMark’s people,” explains Jacobs. “They build long-lasting bonds with a team of knowledgeable professionals they trust.”


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