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A ‘Healthy’ Approach to Wealth Planning

In the financial services world, there are
advisors who sell you ice cream, and others who serve broccoli.

The ice cream advisors are interested in
selling you a particular financial product or service, whether you need it or not. We call it ice cream, because it tastes great and is fun to eat, but it might not be good for you in the long run.

The broccoli advisor is a different story. They get you on a healthy financial diet and help you do the right planning to achieve your personal and financial goals. You might not like broccoli as much as ice cream, but it is much better for you in the long run.

At SMG Advisors, we serve broccoli in the form of our Peace of Mind ProgramTM. We teach our clients the benefits of “Why-Based” PlanningTM, long-term strategic thinking, the integrated coordination of advisors, and ongoing monitoring of their financial affairs and legal doctrine. We then coach them through a detailed, step-by-step process that pulls everything together. Some of this work might not be particularly fun at times, but it is very good for them, their families and their businesses over the long term.

So you have a choice. You can work with advisors who sell ice cream, or you can work with SMG Advisors who serve healthy, nutritious broccoli.
Sean Gooden is the principal and owner of SMG Advisors; he and his team look at the world of Wealth Planning in a whole new way! They have refined this model of services based on many years of client experiences.

Sean explains, “The advanced program at SMG Advisors is The Peace of Mind ProgramTM. We use a proprietary system called ‘Why-Based’ Planning to help clients attain their personal and financial goals, safeguard and empower their families, and identify and achieve what they really want in life.”

“Clients learn the benefits of long-term strategic thinking, why  it’s crucial to coordinate all advisors and regularly monitor their financial affairs.” Sean emphasizes, “You really don’t
need to give up your existing advisor to join
The Peace of Mind ProgramTM.”

“Anyone can sell you ice cream, but what you really need is healthy, nutritious broccoli.”

“What are you being fed?”


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