Retirement Plans That 
Benefit Participants Above All

In 2001, longtime Wall Street executive Steven F. Mosshart, AIF® saw a sizable gap in the financial services industry. He knew there was a growing but largely unmet need for truly unbiased, employee-centered retirement plan management. This was the impetus behind StraightLine, an independent investment advisory firm founded on a different kind of service model — one with no hidden sales agenda and an undivided focus on plan participants’ needs.

Runaway Success Leads to New Opportunity
Shortly after its debut, StraightLine met with tremendous success managing employer-sponsored 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans for leading business and college participants nationwide. One of the first universities to recognize the value of this service for participants was located near StraightLine’s headquarters in Michigan. The university’s desire to be an industry leader in establishing a very high standard in participant fiduciary care resulted in a cooperative effort to assist its employees.  StraightLine’s service contract with them, for over 20,000 plan participants, unleashed a wave of referrals and interest from coast to coast.

Over time, however, Mosshart began to detect a pattern. Deficient and/or expensive retirement plans were complicating the management process and potentially shortchanging participants. He knew he needed to take StraightLine’s capabilities to the next level.

Enter Kelley Snook, a brokerage firm veteran and independent investment consultant specializing in retirement plan design. A colleague of Mosshart’s earlier in their careers, Snook now leads StraightLine’s consulting group, helping employers build appropriate, effective retirement plans using the industry’s best components.

“The positive response from clients,” Mosshart says, “has been overwhelming.”

Superior, Unbiased Plan Design and Delivery
The ideal retirement plan is designed to give employees the best possible chance for success. According to Mosshart, building and administering such a plan starts with evaluating an existing plan’s moving parts (providers, investment vehicles, fee structures, communication strategies and delivery systems, to name a few), replacing those that don’t fit, and making sure all parts are working in harmony.

“The unique advantage we offer is that we can complete the circle — build retirement plans from the ground up, provide a fiduciary standard of care and tie it all to optimal delivery systems,” Mosshart says. “It’s all designed solely for the benefit of the end user. Our responsibilities begin and end with them.”

“We have no proprietary products,” Snook adds. “There’s no hidden agenda. We’re there to develop a prudent process, to identify the best solutions available, to give participants the tools they need to make sound decisions, to protect fiduciaries, and to help clients measure the effectiveness of their plan on a yearly basis. This is the heart of what we do — it’s why we came together and what we are eager to do going forward.”


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