Law Firm of MacLean and Ema

Creative Estate Planning & Real Estate Services

Since 1974, MacLean and Ema has helped more than 8,500 clients preserve and protect their assets for their families. In addition to representing and protecting its clients in real estate transactions, the South Florida-based law firm has successfully designed estate plans for high-net-worth individuals, which have saved their families millions of dollars in estate taxes and avoided guardianship and probate proceedings.

More importantly, this AV-rated firm has designed estate plans that have met the personal needs of clients and their families. Not every …Read More

Tonkinson Financial

Top Quality Wealth Management for Middle-Class Investors

Tonkinson Financial provides middle-class investors with top quality research, advice, and portfolios that are custom tailored to the clients’ investment criteria. For 20 years, Tonkinson Financial, a family-owned wealth management firm, has built portfolios for average working families using the same level of service and sophisticated technologies typically reserved for those with millions to invest.

“Middle-class investors – hard-working families with perhaps as little as $50,000 in annual income – have been bamboozled …Read More


The Expert Changing an Industry
Businesses Are Saving Millions by Outsourcing Waste and 
Recycling Management

It’s happening in every corner of America, at shopping centers, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retailers and mobile home parks.

Thousands of commercial business locations coast to coast have been Talismarked™. That is, they’ve turned to the Lake Mary, Florida-based experts to take over their waste and recycling headaches. “Talismark’s clients experience an average 15 percent immediate reduction in direct cost, …Read More


Web-Based Security Solutions From a Cloud Pioneer

Email in the cloud. Spam filtering in the cloud. Web protection in the cloud. Almost everyone these days is jumping on the cloud bandwagon, offering a dizzying array of products and services aimed at making businesses more secure, efficient and profitable.

But AppRiver entered the cloud-computing business before it was even called the cloud, delivering applications seamlessly from the Internet to businesses everywhere. In 2002, the new company’s visionary founders, Michael Murdoch and Joel Smith, set out to conquer spam, …Read More

All Florida Paper

Any Vendor Can Supply Product, but All Florida Paper Delivers Value

The name of the company is All Florida Paper, and it’s an All-American success story.

Armando Caceres came from Cuba to the United States at the age of 5. As a young man, he worked for a distribution company. There, he learned about the challenges of distribution – and decided, “I think I can do this, and I think I can do this very well.”

A Job Creator

And he has done it very well. In 1993 he …Read More

Medi-Weightloss Clinics®

Medical Weight Loss Solution
and Smart
 Franchise Opportunity

Over 40 billion dollars was spent last year on weight loss treatment, yet two-thirds of the United States population remains overweight or obese. “Too few understand that obesity is a legitimate medical condition that almost never responds to mere willpower,” says Medi-Weightloss Clinics® CCO and Director of Research & Development Macklin E. Guzmán, MPH. This knowledge elevates Medi-Weightloss Clinics above other weight loss programs and franchise opportunities. “Our researchers thoroughly examine new technologies, …Read More

The Bolles School

Reading, Writing and Math from Singapore

For the most advanced math, you don’t have to go far. Bolles’ math curriculum specialist Sarah Schaefer works with our lower, middle and upper school teachers to develop and to teach an enhanced math curriculum from Singapore—making Bolles the first in the area to offer this advanced method of learning.

You see, the faculty at Bolles is like no other—Sarah trains teachers from allover the country and plans to visit Singapore to further her knowledge. And all she learns there will be brought directly back to her students at …Read More

Gulfstream Business Bank

High-Touch Banking Partner
in Sync With Area Businesses Gulfstream Business Bank
“Florida’s Business Bank”sm

In the banking industry, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better resources, capabilities and expertise. In fact, smaller community banks often yield sizable advantages. What they lack in physical branch numbers, these local niche operators make up for in concentrated talent and a laser-like niche focus on serving select clientele.

Hence the stunning success of locally owned and operated Gulfstream Business Bank, founded in …Read More