Insurance Applications Group

Insurance Applications Group Gives Employers 
a Sensible Option

Nothing about health care reform is simple, straightforward or easy to understand. Consider a recent McKinsey & Co. survey of 1,300 diverse businesses across the country: As many as 30 percent indicated they will cease to offer major medical insurance to their employees beginning in 2014 as a result of the complex regulations and requirements of the Affordable Care Act. This number increases to more than 50 percent when the employer becomes more familiar with the full impact of the law. …Read More

O’Neal, Inc.

O’Neal’s Business Savvy Takes the 
Guesswork Out of Capital Projects

Challenging industrial capital construction projects with complicated processes and intricate designs are the specialty of O’Neal, Inc. The integrated design and construction company’s multidisciplined team of creative professionals galvanize around complex projects for manufacturers in automotive, process chemical, pharmaceuticals and other industrial manufacturing sectors.

“Complex projects don’t intimidate us,” says O’Neal’s CEO, Kevin Bean. “Our comprehensive in-house staff of design and construction professionals, …Read More

Inclinix-PMG Holdings, Inc.

Inclinix and PMG Research Merger Enhances Clinical Trials by Introducing the Human Element

For new drugs and medical devices, the grueling road from the laboratory bench to the marketplace passes through the intensely personal setting of the physician’s office. “Before a new advance is approved, research moves from the lab to the clinic,” explains J. Tobin Geatz, President and CEO of Inclinix-PMG Holdings, Inc. “The doctor-subject relationship lies at the heart of every clinical trial. Practitioners must be confident they are offering appropriate alternatives to the current standards of care. Ultimately, the success of the study hinges on the number of properly-selected volunteers and the ability of the physician to follow FDA guidelines and to gather and report data.” …Read More

FinOps Solutions, Inc.

Next-Level Finance and Operations 
for All Stages of Business

When FinOps Solutions, Inc. Founder and President Paul Boyer moved from Boston to Raleigh in 2008, he brought with him over 25 years’ experience fomenting and facilitating business success. He had served as CFO and/or COO of both public and private companies—from startup through IPO and beyond—with up to $700 million in revenues. He had engineered buy- and sell-side M&A transactions, leveraged debt and equity markets to raise hundreds of millions of dollars of funding, executed international expansion strategies, and helped struggling businesses reposition for growth. …Read More