Fujiyama Advisors


Fiercely Independent, Deeply Committed,  Junko Horvath, CFP® Sets New
 Standards in Wealth Management

Since Junko Horvath, CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) entered the investment management and financial planning industry 16 years ago, she has been redefining what it means to provide the highest caliber of comprehensive services to institutional and high-net-worth investors. Service driven, not product driven, Horvath views her role as supporting and protecting clients’ best interests with dedication and integrity. …Read More

Independent Wealth Advisors Group, Inc.


Integrated Tax Planning and 
Investment Management

It was the fall of 2012, and affluent taxpayers across the U.S. were anxiously watching Washington. Among their chief concerns: capital gains, estate and gift taxes, and income tax hikes.

“Many of our clients feared Congress would raise these taxes before the end of the year as part of the effort to reduce the federal budget deficit,” recalls David Harrison Miller, CFP®, founder and CEO of Independent Wealth Advisors Group, Inc. …Read More

Hansberger & Merlin at Morgan Stanley


Original Thinking

“As recent events have proven time and again, no one can accurately predict the weather, earthquakes, elections – or the markets. But we can identify great companies,” says Jim Hansberger, Managing Director-Wealth Management and Financial Advisor. “We believe it is our research process that leads to outstanding long-term investments. Behind every stock lies a tangible operating business, and a stock can only do as well as the company itself.”

Known for their passion for the investment process, both Hansberger and Michael Merlin, …Read More

J. Thompson Ross Investments


Every Investment Has a Timeframe 
and a Purpose

Judy Ross opened her first brokerage office in 2001, one of the most turbulent years in recent history. She spent a mere three months in business development mode before she built enough of a foundation to become solely referral-based.

The statement Ross began making to her clients in 2001 still applies today and has become her mantra. “‘Every asset has a timeframe and a purpose. Risks continue to change, and so should your strategy.’ I reiterate this statement to clients every time I see them,” says Ross, wealth manager …Read More

The David Group at Morgan Stanley

Personalized Wealth Management The David Group at Morgan Stanley

Many economists have expressed concern about another possible recession in the near future, perhaps more severe than the recent one. More than ever, particularly for families and individuals with substantial wealth, it is critical to seek guidance from knowledgeable advisors.

In Georgia, The David Group at Morgan Stanley helps take the worry out of wealth management for affluent individuals and families who are seeking ways to protect their money. Many of the firm’s clients are successful professionals, retirees and high-net-worth families with complex planning and business-related issues. …Read More

First City Capital Management

Personalized Strategies and a History of Trust First City Capital Management, Inc. Savannah, Georgia

In volatile markets, thoughtful, conservative investment management helps avoid erratic and emotional decisions. “Panic is the enemy of long-term capital appreciation,” explains Edgar “Ned” L.T. Gay, CFA, President of First City Capital Management, Inc., an SEC registered investment advisory firm. “Patience coupled with a personalized and balanced portfolio are critical attributes of a deep-rooted investment approach and greater peace of mind.”

While the challenges of the current economic environment are unprecedented, Gay as well as the other principals, E. Lane Curlee III, CIO, Sr. Vice President, and E. Bryan Connerat Jr., CTFA, Vice President, are no …Read More

Kiker Wealth Management

There’s No Substitute for Leadership Kiker Wealth Management Creates a Plan and Then Follows It

Personal financial management is really no different from any other pursuit. To be successful at it, you have to start with a plan. Then you have to execute that plan. It’s all very simple – if you’re an expert wealth manager. If not, you may need some help.

Paul Kiker Jr. believes he has an unfair advantage, and not just because he’s an expert wealth manager. As president of Kiker Wealth Management, he understands the prevailing financial environment, but beyond that, he strives to understand his clients – their hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. …Read More

Eaglehead Group at Morgan Stanley

Simplified Wealth Management
Eaglehead Group at Morgan Stanley

When it comes to your investment portfolios, simpler is decidedly better, says Chuck Kennedy, CPM®, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor of Eaglehead Group at Morgan Stanley. “‘Getting back to first principles,’ individual stocks and bonds have worked, and should continue to do so in the long run. Complex investment products tend to lack transparency and liquidity, and may incur additional fees.”

Another aspect of simplicity, according to Kennedy and his partner, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor Kathryn Senkbeil, is limiting a portfolio’s holdings to 20-25 stocks. …Read More

Munro Legacy Planners

Investment Strategies for the Future Munro Legacy Planners helps people prepare for a comfortable retirement
With the global economy in turmoil and uncertainty over the future of taxes, health care, Social Security and a host of other variables, it’s hard to know which way to turn when planning for retirement. A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that just 52 percent of Americans are confident they will be financially comfortable as they grow older—far fewer than in recent years. Not so at Atlanta-based Munro Legacy Planners, where clients’ retirement portfolios are carefully balanced to help guard against devastating losses during economic downturns, while still positioned to take advantage of upswings when times are good. …Read More

Allegiance Retirement Solutions

Realistic Expectations Are an Essential Part of Any Retirement Plan

You’ve been getting ready for years, faithfully putting away money in 401(k) plans, IRAs and other investment vehicles in anticipation of the time when you would no longer work. Now comes the hard part: managing your retirement money so it meets your needs and lasts your lifetime.

“It is crucial that people in or near retirement have realistic expectations,” says Todd Hicks, founder, CEO and president of Allegiance Retirement Solutions in Lawrenceville, Ga. “A good, sound retirement plan based on reasonable assumptions for future returns is a must for anyone hoping to enjoy a successful retirement.” …Read More