The Voss Law Firm

A VOICE for the VOICELESS A commercial property owner receives a woefully inadequate settlement offer from his insurance company after the property is severely damaged by catastrophic weather. Customers are charged excessive overdraft fees as a result of deceptive practices by their bank. An elderly woman is swindled out of her life savings by a fraudulent gold-coin dealer. No case is too big, and no client too small, for The Voss Law Firm, which represented the plaintiffs in all three of the above cases. “People have more power than …Read More

Kennedy & Associates

EXCEPTIONAL ESTATE PLANNING EXPERTISE Kennedy & Associates Offers Accessible Board-Certified Attorneys In the current political and financial environment, where the nation’s top earners have already been targeted for additional taxation, it’s more important than ever for the wealthy to be proactive in their estate planning. Given the complexities involved, they should turn to seasoned veterans like Tom Kennedy and David Jackson for advice. Kennedy practices full time in the area of estate planning, and he and Jackson are …Read More