Outsourcing HR Creates Employee Loyalty and Improves Productivity For 2 to 3 million people who work at small to mid-size firms, their employer is their hero. They enjoy excellent healthcare benefits that rival those usually found only at much larger companies. Their employer offers an attractive retirement plan similar to plans at Fortune 500 corporations. Paychecks are accurate, with deductions taken properly, and benefits claims are hassle-free. Their employer’s secret to creating such loyalty from a stable workforce? They offload non-income-producing HR administrative duties to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). …Read More

Polcar Brahler Heil Belden Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

  Wealthy Investors Need Uncommon Solutions Polcar Brahler Heil Belden Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Six years ago, a team of financial advisors assembled in Cleveland to create a singular practice providing investment planning for individuals and businesses. Today, Polcar Brahler Heil Belden Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors includes seven brokers with more than 100 years of collective experience backed by the industry-leading resources of Wells Fargo Advisors. …Read More

Harvest Financial Advisors

  Life Strategies That Transcend Wealth An executive wants to exercise a significant amount of incentive stock options, minimize taxes, and design an estate plan to ensure financial security for his adult children. He turns to Ohio-based Harvest Financial Advisors for guidance. A medical group wants to establish a flexible and affordable retirement plan to attract and retain quality employees. Harvest Financial has the answer. A family wants to protect its wealth and preserve it for the next generation. Harvest builds a conservative, low-volatility strategy. …Read More

Cox & Cook Wealth Advisors

  Sophisticated Retirement Preparation Planning for retirement has never been more challenging, especially for affluent individuals whose wealth is often a popular target of politicians demanding higher taxes on “the rich.” Financial decisions—even seemingly minor ones—can have long-term, irreversible consequences. Ohio-based Cox & Cook Wealth Advisors is proud of its service to high-net-worth clients throughout the United States who expect a high level of attention and accept no excuses. As client advocates, the firm’s professionals take time to research every investment, financial plan and new product, and then make sure the client thoroughly understands and approves the recommended strategy. …Read More

Rosselot Financial Group

  Planning for Life When the owner of a manufacturing company was planning to retire, he offered to sell the business to his longtime employees at a price they could not afford. Instead, the workers decided to start their own company, and turned to Cincinnati-based Rosselot Financial Group for guidance. “They had no experience on the entrepreneurial side,” says CEO Ron Rosselot, CLU. “We helped them develop a business plan and work through some complex financial issues. They have run a good business and have grown substantially. We have worked with them through it all.” …Read More

The Chaddock Group

  Clients Are an Obsession of
Nationally Ranked Wealth Advisor Jeff Chaddock, CRPC® According to industry insiders, the key to growing a successful financial advisory practice is targeting investors with $1 million to $10 million in investable assets. Jeff Chaddock, CRPC® is proving the experts wrong. By welcoming individuals with more modest assets, he created The Chaddock Group, a successful team practice at Ameriprise. Chaddock personally earned national attention recently, recognized once again as one of Barron’s magazine’s top 1,000 financial advisors in the nation.* …Read More

Lifeguard Financial

  Planning Is the Firm’s Strength, Taking Care of Clients Is Its Purpose   Maybe there’s no sure thing, but there is Lifeguard Financial and Lifeguard Securities, whose mantra is “plan, plan and plan.” The retirement plans Lifeguard Financial develops are designed to help clients retire comfortably and confidently. The firm works to ease clients’ financial lives, from minimizing taxes to being able to afford critical care to preserving or creating a flow of funds that will last the rest of their lives. “To us, planning means caring for people,” says Tony Newman, President of Lifeguard Financial. “We partner …Read More

The Oxford Group of UBS

  Sound Investment Guidance, Real Value At the Oxford Group of UBS, every client is a preferred client. That isn’t a marketing line. While Oxford Group founders Dennis Barba and Chris Rosenthal work with both individual and institutional investors, all of  the Oxford Group’s customers are truly treated as professionals. Part of their client philosophy is to treat every relationship like an institution from both an analysis and a service model standpoint.  “We create a customized service experience for each client that reflects their unique financial needs.  We provide excellent service whether you are an institution or retail client,” says Barba. …Read More

Carver Financial Services Inc.

Personal Service 
and Determination Characterize 
Nationally Recognized Wealth Manager Carver Financial Services Inc.’s Vision Statement is simply “to make people’s lives better.” Randy Carver became a registered representative in 1987 and founded Carver Financial Services Inc. in 1990 with that goal in mind. Focusing on retirement income planning and wealth transfers, the firm now manages more than $680 million in assets for clients globally. Randy and his team have been named by both Barron’s and Registered Rep. as one of the top advisors in the nation – prestigious honors they’ve held every year …Read More

Brookshire Wealth Management

Brookshire Wealth Management Strives to Mesh Asset Management, Planning, Service and Integrity, to Benefit Clients Paul Guerra founded Brookshire Wealth Management in May 2002, but the company really had its beginnings long before that. This independent wealth management company, associated with the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, actually began as a dissent against attitudes and methods Guerra saw while working for other companies. He wanted to build a practice where the focus was fully on serving clients, with the utmost respect for them and their goals and dreams, and the utmost …Read More