National Penn Wealth Management

Face-to-Face Approach Sets Stage for 
Customized, Coordinated Financial Strategies

A glimmer of hope for an economic recovery has given way to a maddeningly slow rate of growth in 2012. “As investors watch their timelines diminish, they can be tempted to panic and make decisions based on emotions,” says Don Worthington, CEO of National Penn Wealth Management (NPWM).

NPWM focuses on creating confident investors. “Our clients tell us they are most concerned about maintaining their quality of life during retirement, funding major obligations and preserving …Read More

Arcadia University

Arcadia University School of Global Business

Arcadia University has long been recognized as one of the nation’s premier institutions for international education, producing graduates with a heightened and sophisticated awareness of the world. The School of Global Business at Arcadia University is distinguished by its cutting-edge curriculum and unsurpassed learning opportunities in both developed and emerging economies, reflecting the University’s ongoing mission. Here …Read More

Arora Engineers, Inc.

Dynamic, Leading-Edge and Thoroughly Proven
Arora Engineers, Inc.

On paper, Arora Engineers, Inc. has made a singular mark. It is one of the Tristate region’s largest minority-owned engineering firms, a 70-person team serving clients from the firm’s hometown of Philadelphia to much of the East Coast and beyond. Now in its 25th year, Arora is well established, but it hasn’t slowed with age. Since 2002, the firm has grown 1,000 percent, appearing on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for four of the past five years.

In practice, Arora enjoys equal distinction. At age 43, President …Read More