CompuData, Inc.

Better Technology Solutions Mean Better Business

It was 1971 – the year the NASDAQ opened its doors, five full years before Apple twinkled in Steve Jobs’ eyes and four years before the mighty giant Microsoft was conceived. It was also the year that CompuData came on the scene.

CompuData, Inc., a business software and technology solutions firm, was founded as a time-sharing service bureau back when computers filled large temperature-controlled rooms with raised floors. Much has changed in technology over the last 40 years, and CompuData has been there to guide …Read More

CDI Corporation

Engineering and Technology Solutions, Worldwide

Providing quality service is one thing. Being flexible to change as the client grows, being attentive to what the client truly needs and really understanding the importance of client service excellence is what sets a company apart.

“We sincerely value our client relationships,” says Paulett Eberhart, president and CEO of Philadelphia-based CDI Corporation, a leading engineering and technology services firm. While CDI’s capabilities are world-class, instilling a client-centric, …Read More

Jane Barr Pino & Associates

A Quarter Century of Smoothing Organizations’ Operations

Sometimes the way forward is blocked by stuff. The paper-shuffling, finding, phoning minutiae of day-to-day operations can mire even the best board in busyness that doesn’t directly advance the mission. Jane Barr Pino saw that when she worked in American corporate life. And she did something about it. She founded Jane Barr Pino & Associates, a professional services company that accomplishes clients’ necessary back-office administrative and managerial tasks, freeing leaders to focus on strategy, …Read More

Beneprise Delivers Custom Employee

Benefits Solutions to Mid-size Companies

Actuarial consultant Amy A. Kim is an expert in identifying, measuring, and quantifying risk. Recently she demonstrated an extraordinary gift for taking risk. Leaving behind a steady job where she handled actuarial duties for some of the largest companies in the world, she launched Beneprise Employee Benefit Solutions, a full service employee benefits consulting firm in Philadelphia.

The freedom to serve clients in the most cost-effective way regardless of profit motivation led Ms. Kim and Beneprise …Read More