Horseman Group


Built on a Tradition of Trust


By some estimates, 80 percent of Americans believe they won’t have enough money when they retire*. Indeed, approximately one-third of retirees currently rely just on Social Security, and depending on which politicians or pundits you believe, even that source of income may not be reliable within a few years.

The Missouri-based Horseman Group strives to help clients achieve their financial goals in retirement, regardless of ever changing political and economic winds. Using complex strategies honed through years of experience, this independent firm …Read More

Argos Partners, LLC


Family Wealth Management for the Generations


No two families are alike. That’s an especially important truth for those who work for families in what Paul Vogel calls the ultra-high-net-worth space.

From taxes to insurance to business operations to estate planning to investments, these clients have unique situations and needs. One specific need is an advisor who sees how all the pieces fit together and offers educated, experience-based guidance and solid, reliable performance in its fiduciary responsibilities. …Read More

Sappington/Shaw/Watkins Wealth Advisory Group


Wealth of Experience Helps Lead to High Level Service and Risk Management
Sappington/Shaw/Watkins Wealth Advisory Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


Clients who place their trust in the Sappington/Shaw/Watkins Wealth Advisory Group of Wells Fargo Advisors gain much more than investment advice—they partner with a cohesive team committed to the ultimate client experience.

Led by Managing Director and Branch Manager Dennis Sappington, a 20-year industry veteran and successful small business owner, the team brings …Read More

Archer Wealth Management


Integrated Family Wealth Management – 
Now and Into the Future

Early in her career and working with a Fortune 500 company, Barbara Archer sought the advice of a financial planner. Soon thereafter, she took over the conversation.
With her business education, she asked probing questions – so probing that the planner advised: You should do this for a living.
Archer Wealth Management just celebrated its 30th year in business with an anniversary party for its clients. Those clients are families, and to a large extent, the firm is a “member” of each. …Read More

Means Financial Group


Retire With Confidence

You’ve been preparing for years, faithfully putting away money in 401(k) plans, IRAs and other investment accounts in anticipation of the time you would no longer have to work. Now comes the hard part: generating a retirement income that will meet your needs and last your lifetime.

“While ensuring a secure retirement may have been easier for previous generations, a comfortable retirement can still be within reach for those who plan carefully and follow a sound strategy,” says financial advisor Jerry D. Means Jr., president and founder of Means Financial Group, a financial planning firm that specializes in  …Read More

The Dressel Financial Group of UBS

A Well-Rounded Approach to Client Satisfaction
The Dressel Financial Group of UBS Has a Passion for Helping Clients

Some people choose to become financial advisors because they are fascinated with the intricacies of the investment world. Others want to have a hand in making portfolios grow. And some want to build relationships and have an impact on their clients’ lives.

There are the select few who accomplish all this and more, advisors like Michael Dressel, …Read More

Rogers & Company’s

Dynamic Financial Markets. Responsive Solutions.
Rogers & Company’s Unique Adaptive Portfolio Management for High-Net-Worth Clients

Technology, globalization and “flash” market moves, combined, have changed the core structure of investing. So how does one confidently make financial choices in a chaotic and rapidly changing environment?
For many high-net-worth individuals and families around the world, the answer is found in the adaptive portfolio management approach pioneered by Rogers & Company …Read More