The McAtee Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Two Generations, One Clear Commitment – The McAtee Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Understands People and Their Money

It’s one thing to know money, finance and investing. It’s quite another to know people – their wants, needs, fears, hopes and dreams. It’s Jim McAtee’s job to know both. And he takes that job very seriously.

With 42 years in the financial advisory business, McAtee has helped a multitude of people and has overseen an immense amount of client assets. As Managing Director – …Read More

Voss Financial Services, Inc.

Financial Strategies for a Comfortable Retirement

Are you confident you will reach your financial objective by the time you retire? Will you be able to afford nursing home care, if necessary? Are your current advisors communicating and cooperating, or are they working at cross-purposes? Unfortunately, many people discover too late in life that their advisors have implemented conflicting strategies. Not so at Voss Financial Services, Inc.

“My number one goal is to help people avoid worrying about their retirement so much and create independence,” …Read More

Sterling Financial Advisors

Sterling Financial Advisors Provides Extraordinary Client Service

Sterling Financial Advisors’ motto, “Plan for Tomorrow, Live for Today,” is a strategy for helping clients prepare for the future while living a full life in the present.

Using this approach, the firm provides excellent portfolio development advice that recognizes the need for a balanced life. While a common objective is financial independence in retirement, the advisors at Sterling Financial Advisors (SFA) recognize clients want to celebrate milestones, take vacations and pay for education. …Read More

R.T. Jones’ Artesys®

A Solution for Plan Advisors in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

Helping retirement plan participants achieve their goals has never been more complicated. With new federal regulations directed at the fiduciary role of plan advisors, it is easy to see why advisors are focusing on compliance issues, often at the expense of client service.

That’s why many plan advisors are partnering with R.T. Jones Capital Equities Management, a Registered Investment Advisor. The firm specializes in delivering time-tested wealth management solutions for participants – …Read More

R&F Financial Advisors

R&F Financial Advisors Connect the Dots Between Wealth and Life

ICreating confident investors is the idea behind R&F Financial Group’s approach to building financial strategies. “It’s not unusual for potential clients to feel overwhelmed with the number of their existing investments, unsure they are getting an optimal return, and anxious about what they’ve seen in the media,” says R&F Senior Partner Brian Roberts, CFS. “They are often surprised when we turn the conversation away from financial affairs and ask them one question: What in life matters to you most?”

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The Gateway Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Effective Investment Strategies
Can Take the Sting Out of Market Swings

In volatile markets, thoughtful financial planning can help counterbalance the emotional roller coaster. “Panic is the enemy of long-term financial plans,” explains Financial Advisor Jason E. Jensen, First Vice President of The Gateway Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. “When building client portfolios, the first task at hand is to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, as well as inevitable life-stage changes. Until these issues are properly addressed and a prudent financial strategy is in place, …Read More

Fagan Financial Group of Raymond James Charts Course for Investors

John Fagan, CFP® is a marathon runner, and he welcomes clients to the long run.

That’s how he and his colleagues at Fagan Financial Group of Raymond James view investing. It’s an ongoing process, he says, and you have to be disciplined. His understanding of pacing and the long view make him a well-qualified partner for anyone planning for their financial future.

Really, that’s just one thing that qualifies him. Others are his nearly 30 years in the business, his experience as a broker at a major firm, and now his alliance with Raymond James.

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