The Expert Changing an Industry
Businesses Are Saving Millions by Outsourcing Waste and 
Recycling Management

It’s happening in every corner of America, at shopping centers, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retailers and mobile home parks.

Thousands of commercial business locations coast to coast have been Talismarked™. That is, they’ve turned to the Lake Mary, Florida-based experts to take over their waste and recycling headaches. “Talismark’s clients experience an average 15 percent immediate reduction in direct cost, in some cases millions of dollars per year,” says President and co-founder Marshall Staiman.

Talismark™ advocates for medium-sized and large businesses, property owners/managers, medical facilities and schools, in 32 states and the Caribbean. Talismark™ has enjoyed triple-digit growth and a 95 percent client retention rate as more property and business owners awaken to the new way to control waste headaches and costs and improve sustainability efforts.

“We don’t sell garbage services,” says CEO and co-founder Charles Muszynski. “We sell accountability. We improve clients’ net operating income, eliminate garbage headaches and report on it.”

The Talismark Difference
As an advocate for its clients since 1999, the company has become a champion for cleaning up industry abuses. Unlike garbage companies and government, “Talismark organizes the best assets in the marketplace that make the most sense for each client’s location. We independently choose the hauler, the equipment and the processing facility, and research ordinances to come up with the optimal solution for every location,” says Staiman. “This is something haulers are unable to do and cities will not do since they’re both tied to returns only on their assets.”

Another thing haulers and cities cannot do is offer stable, all-inclusive pricing. Talismark does. “When we quote a solution, everything is included,” says Muszynski. “There are no fuel surcharges, environmental or administrative fees, extra taxes, or any of the junk fees haulers charge to jack their prices.” The process starts with a ground-up environmental assessment resulting in a customized savings report. So sure is Talismark of its capabilities, it offers the environmental assessment with no obligation.

In addition, the company reviews each location every nine months to make sure clients are getting “the best deal in the market,” Staiman adds. “Often, we can lower clients’ costs again because we hold vendors accountable. Costs are always on review to ensure clients enjoy long-term savings.”

In With the New
There was a time, Muszynski says, when a business owner needing waste service had no alternative, or assumed one had to call a garbage company or local government. “The problem with that is both have a bias for their own assets and neither has an incentive to tell the truth about cutting-edge options available in the market.”

Indeed, when it comes to waste removal and recycling, Florida has one of, if not the, worst reputations in the country for abuse and restriction of customer choice – beyond New York, California, Washington, Oregon or Nevada.

Fortunately, there’s a better way: the TalismarkTM way. “I don’t know of anybody else with processes as extensive as ours to ensure the client is getting the best overall service at the best price,” Staiman says.

Talismark has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies for the last two years. The company takes pride in its strong balance sheet, no-debt policy and conservative management.


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