The Andreason Group at Morgan Stanley

True Understanding Leads to 
Better Financial Future

Elisabeth Andreason, CFP®, CWS®, 
CAP®, speaks in a soft voice with the clarity of a former English teacher and the precision of a mathematician.

Elisabeth is the principal of The Andreason Group at Morgan Stanley. A Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, Certified Wealth Strategist, Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy, Portfolio Management Director and Wealth Advisor, Elisabeth clarifies complicated issues to help clients make informed decisions in order to reach their goals.

Elisabeth’s excellent support staff handles all administrative functions, freeing her to give clients her undivided attention during their regular two-hour meetings. “I realized my ability rested in focusing on the face-to-face meetings with clients, strategizing, helping solve problems people often didn’t even know existed, and asking the questions they didn’t know they were supposed to be asking.”

Questions about what? Everything! Most clients have some sort of retirement plan. But they may not be maximizing the advantages. Is it best to contribute to a traditional 401(k) or a Roth 401(k)? Are the allocations proper? If not, it could be costing them more than they think. How do they hold title on their assets? That can be more important than what they hold.

“I want to make sure people truly understand what they own before they make any changes,” says Elisabeth. She takes as long as necessary to educate clients about how their products work, what features they offer and the best time to take advantage of them.

Trust reviews are also a key planning area. While they’re often used for control in the event of incapacity, and to avoid estate taxes and probate, Elisabeth also shares trust strategies that incorporate philanthropy, to leave a larger legacy benefiting both the community and the family.

When a spouse passes away and clients invite a new companion into their lives, their trusts often go unchanged, and clients are surprised to learn what the trust instructs. To ensure their trust is appropriate as children age and families change, it is imperative to review and, if necessary, revise trusts.

While Elisabeth is not an attorney, she helps clients understand what a trust can do for them and their heirs. She often accompanies clients to their attorneys’ offices to collaborate in design meetings. She then reviews the drafts with her clients before final signing to be sure they understand and feel comfortable with their new documents.

“I believe I manage their investments well. I believe I am also providing solutions that go well beyond the scope of investment management,” Elisabeth says. This is full-service financial guidance.


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