The Bolles School

Reading, Writing and Math from Singapore

For the most advanced math, you don’t have to go far. Bolles’ math curriculum specialist Sarah Schaefer works with our lower, middle and upper school teachers to develop and to teach an enhanced math curriculum from Singapore—making Bolles the first in the area to offer this advanced method of learning.

You see, the faculty at Bolles is like no other—Sarah trains teachers from allover the country and plans to visit Singapore to further her knowledge. And all she learns there will be brought directly back to her students at Bolles. Add to this a classroom full of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and it’s easy to see how her students make the grade.

From great teachers like Sarah and other thought-stimulating faculty, Bolles students receive an extra advantage as well as a real world education. We call it The Bolles Knowledge. If you think your child would benefit from faculty who have experienced learning all over the globe, contact us today. You both will gain from it tomorrow.


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