The Dressel Financial Group of UBS

A Well-Rounded Approach to Client Satisfaction
The Dressel Financial Group of UBS Has a Passion for Helping Clients

Some people choose to become financial advisors because they are fascinated with the intricacies of the investment world. Others want to have a hand in making portfolios grow. And some want to build relationships and have an impact on their clients’ lives.

There are the select few who accomplish all this and more, advisors like Michael Dressel, Senior Vice President-Investments of the Dressel Financial Group of UBS. He realizes how much there is to know about managing wealth and how much he can do to help his clients.

“The thing to know about me is that, first and foremost, I am very passionate about creating a positive client experience,” Dressel says. “My group has a combined total of 95 years working in this industry. With this comes plenty of insight and understanding. We offer a disciplined investment approach that incorporates fundamental quantitative and technical analysis.”

The experience starts with simply sitting down and talking with clients. “When we first discuss your financial future, we consider all the information pertinent to your situation,” Dressel adds. “We look at things like your assets and liabilities, stage in life, attitude toward risk, investment horizon, cash flow requirements and ongoing personal needs.” Dressel and his team then thoughtfully craft a financial plan and make modifications as the market outlook or his client’s situation changes.

It’s all part of the exceptional service offered by the group. Kathleen Waldman and Virginia Kase are Dressel’s long-term associates. “Those two pretty much run everything, from client communications to day-to-day operations,” he says. “I handle the major financial issues and decisions.”

Dressel’s relationship with UBS, one of the largest wealth managers in the world, provides the resources, products and solutions to address his clients’ needs and help achieve their goals. “UBS offers exceptional access to a range of global resources and financial tools,” he says. “The firm is very supportive and it gives me an excellent platform to execute.

“Doing this – working with people, helping them – is my passion. I get to go to work and talk to people who are successful in their fields. Every day is a learning experience. This is what makes me tick – helping to protect and grow wealth through all phases of our clients’ lives. It all comes down to helping families and individuals realize their financial goals.”


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