The Gateway Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Effective Investment Strategies
Can Take the Sting Out of Market Swings

In volatile markets, thoughtful financial planning can help counterbalance the emotional roller coaster. “Panic is the enemy of long-term financial plans,” explains Financial Advisor Jason E. Jensen, First Vice President of The Gateway Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. “When building client portfolios, the first task at hand is to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, as well as inevitable life-stage changes. Until these issues are properly addressed and a prudent financial strategy is in place, investors are susceptible to making decisions based on emotions, especially in unpredictable markets.”

Quarterbacking Our Clients’ Teams

Led by Jensen, Wealth Advisor Paul Baeske and Financial Advisor David Elbe, The Gateway Group views the financial needs of each client through a wide lens, while at the same time focusing narrowly on clients’ individual needs, timeline and lifestyle. The group serves a broad range of investors, including owners of small- and mid-sized businesses, individuals nearing retirement, professional athletes and physician groups.

“We function as the quarterback for the investor’s team of trusted advisors,” explains Baeske. “For instance, an effective estate plan needs to consider tax strategies, concerns for second- and third-generation family members, philanthropic goals and more. So we work with our clients’ accountants, attorneys, bankers and other professionals to coordinate all financial services and maintain investment strategies.”

Tailored Solutions

Understanding each client’s goals and objectives is the key to crafting an effective long-term financial plan, says Jensen. “Professional athletes, for example, have unique concerns associated with fame and must factor the possibility of a shortened competitive career into their investment plan.” Elbe’s experience as a small-business owner himself gives him keen insight into business valuation, succession and other issues that are highly significant to this category of investors.

As their financial plans are implemented, The Gateway Group clients enjoy the advantages of access to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s expansive resources. Through this global leader in wealth management, the group can offer customized products and services that might not be available at boutique practices.

Ultimately, responsive service is The Gateway Group trademark. “Our clients appreciate that we are service driven, not product driven, and they value our advice on a breadth of issues including major purchases or lifestyle decisions,” says Jensen. “We view our group as a personal financial concierge service, supporting and protecting our clients’ best interests with dedication and integrity. This fosters greater confidence, minimizing panic-driven investment decision making.”


The Gateway Group
1911 Frank Scott Parkway, Suite 1
Shiloh, IL 62269

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