The McAtee Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Two Generations, One Clear Commitment – The McAtee Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Understands People and Their Money

It’s one thing to know money, finance and investing. It’s quite another to know people – their wants, needs, fears, hopes and dreams. It’s Jim McAtee’s job to know both. And he takes that job very seriously.

With 42 years in the financial advisory business, McAtee has helped a multitude of people and has overseen an immense amount of client assets. As Managing Director – Investments of The McAtee Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, he uses his insight and experience to help clients succeed with their financial goals.

But he doesn’t do it alone. His son Kevin, Associate Vice President – Investments, has been part of the group for 11 years, sharing an impressive body of knowledge. Two generations of McAtees, along with an exceptional support staff, form a team that’s uniquely qualified to serve the varying needs of a multigenerational client base. McAtee Financial Group guides its clients, and in some cases, their children and grandchildren, every step of the way, from wealth accumulation to conservation to distribution.

Listening – It Just Makes Sense

“Clients appreciate our reliable, commonsense approach,” says Jim. “We try to keep relationships comfortable and relaxed. We don’t offer advice until we’ve listened. Then we develop finely tuned strategies specific to the client’s situation. Every day our team has opportunities to help people in some way, and we don’t want to miss those opportunities.”

The group is backed by the finest resources in the industry. Wells Fargo Advisors offers easy access to a wide array of research and information, and the McAtees put it to good use for their clients, creating effective investment plans. “When it comes to products and resources, Wells Fargo & Company really has a deep bench,” says Kevin. “They give us everything we need to be valuable to our clients.”

Where Advisors Go for Advice

A former Marine, Jim transferred his leadership skills to the financial world, where, in addition to his role as an advisor, he has worked in branch and marketing management. Even 10 years later, this advisor to advisors gets calls from former colleagues seeking guidance.

“Our experience, resources and holistic point of view make a big difference in the way we do things, and that can translate into a big difference for our clients as well,” says Kevin. “It’s a very complicated world out there. Things change every day. Our strength is our ability to understand our clients and respond accordingly to whatever comes up.”


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