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A commercial property owner receives a woefully inadequate settlement offer from his insurance company after the property is severely damaged by catastrophic weather.

Customers are charged excessive overdraft fees as a result of deceptive practices by their bank.

An elderly woman is swindled out of her life savings by a fraudulent gold-coin dealer. No case is too big, and no client too small, for The Voss Law Firm, which represented the plaintiffs in all three of the above cases. “People have more power than they may realize,” says Scott Hunziker, the law firm’s Head of Litigation and Lead Trial and Appellate Counsel. “But you have to have the right advocate, someone who understands the law, which is constantly evolving, and will fight for their clients’ rights.”

According to Hunziker, The Voss Law Firm has successfully done battle against the wealthiest insurance companies in the U.S. and abroad, representing everyone from individual homeowners to large condominium associations whose property has been damaged or destroyed by wind, hail, fire, flood or vandalism. Claims have ranged from $50,000 to $20 million. “We know how to turn the tables in favor of policyholders who have had their rights stripped away,” Hunziker says. The law firm has also recovered millions of dollars for consumers misled about the value of their investments, such as gold coins and other purchases. And it is currently pursuing class actions against banks that are “abusing the trust of their customers by charging excessive fees and overdraft charges that are not legitimately owed.”

The attorneys at the Voss Law Firm handle all their cases personally and will fight through trial and appeal. “We realize that no two cases are exactly the same,” Hunziker says, “and we pride ourselves in working closely with each client from the very beginning to understand the complexity and potential of each case. This helps us put the most money in the client’s pocket. Whatever the matter at hand, we will push it hard through the court system to enforce our clients’ rights and ensure they receive the recoveries they’re entitled to.”

The Voss Law Firm is based in The Woodlands, Texas, but serves an increasingly national clientele. Demand for its services continues to grow, as word of its success is spreading rapidly across the country. The firm may have succeeded beyond founder Bill Voss’ imagination, but it has never forsaken “the little guy,” Hunziker says. “We work together for people who don’t realize they have a voice. That’s what we do, and we do it well.”


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