Tides Helping People Invest in the World They Want to See

A filmmaker needs financial support to produce a movie about the plight of Palestinian immigrants. The result: the critically acclaimed Amreeka, which screened at major film festivals and on network television.

An anti-domestic violence program needs money. Activists mobilize a campaign to persuade Congress to reauthorize funding. Today, Stop Family Violence continues its important work of public education and advocacy about a growing epidemic.

An organization seeks to improve nutrition and physical fitness among at-risk youth. The California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness Program works with policymakers to address concerns at the local level.

These three projects are vastly different, with one thing in common—each received help from Tides, the San Francisco-based organization that brings together socially conscious philanthropists and corporations with nonprofit groups and entrepreneurs.

“We are one of the few foundations that support both nonprofit as well as for-profit social enterprises,” says CEO Melissa Bradley. “Many issues are complex. Tides provides an easy way for individuals and institutions to support issues that are important to them, through grants, mission investments and equity investments.”

A nonpartisan organization, Tides facilitates funding for a wide range of programs addressing interests as diverse as the environment, Native American rights, LBGT equality, art, science education and much more. Tides was among the first organizations to support HIV education. Unlike many U.S.-based charities, 40 percent of programs funded through Tides are international in scope.

Since 1976, Tides has worked with more than 15,000 individuals and organizations, vetting applicants to assure funds are used responsibly. Tides works in collaboration with such respected partners as Apollo Alliance, Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, The California Endowment, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and many more. One global Internet services company partners with Tides to do targeted international and domestic grantmaking for some of the company’s different philanthropic portfolios—human rights, community and technology, among the most salient ones.
“There is tremendous need for social change throughout the world,” Bradley says. “I enjoy helping people think creatively to solve social problems and have a real impact.”


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