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Putting Decision Makers in Front of Decision Makers
ViewPoint Bank’s Back-to-Basics Take on Commercial Lending

ViewPoint Bank President and CEO Kevin Hanigan is just as likely to be paying a sales call to a local business owner as he is to be found in his corner office overseeing the $3.5 billion asset bank. And the companies who do business with him know he’ll pick up the phone when they call.

The responsiveness of Kevin and his commercial lending team, combined with their experience and speed in making decisions, positions ViewPoint Bank as a strong contender in the highly competitive North Texas commercial lending market.

Here’s how the longtime commercial lender/CEO and his experienced business banking team at ViewPoint make the deals that support our local businesses and North Texas communities.

‘We’re not good-time Charlies.’
While the economy has had its ups and downs, Kevin insists there’s no good or bad time for making commercial loans: “Regardless of what’s happening in the economy, there are always good privately held businesses in our backyard. And we always want to finance them. We’re not ‘good-time Charlies.’

“We’re fortunate to be in North Texas where businesses are expanding. That helps employment; it helps housing; it helps the tax base of our cities.

“Plus, these businesses bring true core relationships to the bank. I want business owners to know we’re there to bank every-thing they’ve got. You got a kid who needs a car? We’ll make that loan. Nothing’s too small. That’s the cornerstone of relationship banking.”

‘Can that 28-year-old make that elephant dance?’
Kevin and his team believe in cutting through typical big-bank bureaucracy by putting people who can make lending decisions in front of the business owners.

“Say you want to buy a building and you go to one of the big banks,” he says. “You’ve got a 28-year-old saying, ‘I love the deal, but I can’t approve it. So let me bring this to the loan committee.’ Well, you’re wondering who’s on that committee and is that 28-year-old going to go back there and make that elephant dance? All too often that junior banker will get the deal approved, but it doesn’t look like the deal you signed. Had you known, you might not have gone down that path.

“That’s not going to happen when you talk to decision makers. Our philosophy is to put decision makers in front of decision makers. At ViewPoint Bank, you’ll often have the loan committee sitting right there with you.”

‘I really want to make your loan, but that’s a bad company to buy.’
With experience comes the skill of knowing when a deal isn’t a deal for a business. Kevin’s been a commercial lender for 31 years, and his commercial lending team members have from 19 to 31 years of experience. So they freely dole out advice on more than just financing—they truly know how to run a business.

Says Kevin, “I had to tell a business owner, ‘You don’t want to do this. I really want to make you this loan, but that’s a bad company to buy. This is not one you’ll want to bet the farm on.’ He appreciated that we were looking out for him.”

‘You need us after hours? Giddyup, we’re on our way.’
Bankers’ hours are a little different for the commercial lenders at ViewPoint Bank. “I’ve had people call me weekends, nights, at home,” says Kevin. “You need us after hours? Giddyup, we’re on our way.”


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