Voss Financial Services, Inc.

Financial Strategies for a Comfortable Retirement

Are you confident you will reach your financial objective by the time you retire? Will you be able to afford nursing home care, if necessary? Are your current advisors communicating and cooperating, or are they working at cross-purposes? Unfortunately, many people discover too late in life that their advisors have implemented conflicting strategies. Not so at Voss Financial Services, Inc.

“My number one goal is to help people avoid worrying about their retirement so much and create independence,” says President Douglas J. Voss of the St. Louis-based financial services company. “I try to protect clients from themselves. Play it safe and protect your principal.”

From investment strategies to tax strategies, insurance needs and much more, Voss Financial specializes in helping retirees and individuals who are approaching retirement make sense of, and grow, their assets in a way that suits their current circumstances and future goals. Voss says many people who come to him for the first time are overly invested in areas that are too volatile for their stage of life.

“Most financial professionals are very aggressive with their clients’ money,” Voss says. “One thing that separates us from other financial professionals is that we believe in a balance between principal preservation and taking advantage of the market. When there are corrections in the market, my phone does not ring off the wall, because our clients know that we are looking out for them and have them positioned accordingly.”

After 25 years in business, Voss Financial Services enjoys extremely low client turnover. Many of the firm’s clients are federal employees, whose respective agencies carefully research and vet financial advisors before allowing them to conduct retirement seminars. Voss Financial takes pride in providing the highest level of personal attention possible, taking calls from clients regularly and returning calls promptly. A Five Star Wealth Manager in 2011, Voss is ranked among the top 5 percent of all the financial service companies in St. Louis.

“A lot of people don’t have a good idea of where they are going to be, financially, when they retire,” he says. “Our goal is to help them retire in comfort, maintain their principal and earn a monthly income along the way.”



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