Zetlin & De Chiara LLP

Zetlin & De Chiara LLP

Getting a New York City building project off the ground is a complex affair. But it needn’t be a risky or chaotic one – so long as project owners, developers, architects and engineers have trusted legal professionals in their corner.

New York’s Zetlin & De Chiara LLP is home to seasoned attorneys who specialize in construction law and know the industry inside and out. Founding Partners Michael S. Zetlin and Michael K. De Chiara, Senior Partners Carol J. Patterson and Raymond T. Mellon, and Partners Patricia A. Harris, Timothy F. Hegarty, Lori Samet Schwarz, Lina G. Telese, James J. Terry and Michael J. Vardaro have built a lengthy record of success counseling clients from project planning and throughout the construction process – troubleshooting plans, negotiating agreements, and litigating on behalf of clients across the U.S. and worldwide.

Serving an ever-growing base of corporate, government and professional clients – invested and involved in some of New York’s most intricate, high-profile projects – Zetlin & De Chiara remains the City’s go-to boutique construction law firm.

For Owners/Developers, Up-front Planning Is Key
When it comes to New York’s high-density environment, owners and developers have much to consider before breaking ground. Zetlin & De Chiara is widely recognized for its experience and excellence in helping clients lay a firm foundation in the earliest stages of planning.

“In the past few years, we’ve seen dramatic growth in our owner client base,” Michael Zetlin says. “More and more corporations, institutions, universities, major entertainment venues, large developers and others are enlisting our services early on, recognizing the significant value we provide.”

“There are many impediments to construction in this confined city, beginning with the impact on neighboring properties,” Ray Mellon explains. “Delays arising from disputes can be the death knell for a project, particularly from a financial standpoint. But disputes can be avoided if clients come to us when plans are still on the drawing board.” “We understand how deals get done and how to avoid potential pitfalls,” Carol Patterson says. “We spend a lot of time helping clients develop a roadmap to keep the focus on their priorities while also planning for the likely challenges and obstacles they might face. Our goal is that each project yield tangible benefits for the client for many years to come.”

New Paths to Project Success In recent years, the construction industry has seen the acceleration of a number of exciting new trends. In response, Zetlin & De Chiara’s practice has expanded on these key fronts.

“You’re seeing things like Public/Private Partnerships (P3), which provide an alternate means of funding much-needed infrastructure projects in a tightening economy,” Michael De Chiara explains. “Design-build consolidation is increasing. Corporations looking to build in New York want radically different structures and floor plans. All in all, it’s a very dynamic field.”

“Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), a new construction contracting process, has shown the promise and benefits of greater project collaboration,” Michael Zetlin says. “It establishes a single mindset from the get-go among all participants, who effectively share in the success of the venture. It’s a philosophical shift that changes traditional dynamics in a positive way. And we are proud to have helped lead the charge.”


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